NutraSpray's unique product line of oral spray vitamins and supplements use the most efficient and effective delivery system available to the nutraceutical industry. Our company's focus is on the nutritional field of oral absorption. We have produced a product that is considered to be revolutionary in delivering nutrient rich vitamins and supplements into the human body. Our product line consists of vitamins and nutrients in an aqueous solution, orally delivered through a non-aerosol spray. NutraSpray's products are sprayed into the mouth in the form of a fine mist entering the delicate tissue of the mouth. The nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream and assimilated throughout the body, avoiding the solubility and absorption problems common with most pill and capsule products. NutraSpray's formulas are derived from natural sources and use only the finest ingredients; they taste great and contain no sugar, nutra sweet or saccharin. NutraSprays offer up to 98% absorption. a rate that is 9X greater than pill & capsule products. This makes our product an effective alternative to the traditional way of taking vitamins and supplements. We know you will enjoy the benefits of our product and wish you and yours good health and wellness!